Change for all levels, on all levels.

With commitment we begin the journey of Self exploration. With courage we take the first steps into the unknown, unsure of the route we will take or what we will find when we get there. With acceptance and adaptability we shift and adjust to accommodate the needs of the moment, gracefully moving through the challenges that are inherent on any path of transformation. With trust we open ourselves up to what we might not have even known was there, allowing space for the wonderful mysteries of the Universe to come in. With love we surrender to the uncertainty of all things.


We are blessed with the ability to have any type of body, type of practice, and type of life that we want. The yoga practice offers us many tools that we can utilize to achieve any and all goals we may have for ourselves. By bringing awareness into what we do, how we do it, and why we are doing it, we can start to align all of our actions and intentions with our highest and most authentic expression of our Self.


Yoga is a creative practice, as is life, and all we have to do is exactly that - practice.




I offer several different yoga experiences, for any level of yogi, in any part of the world



Come flow with me in one of my ROCKIN’ public classes, the vibe is electrifying!



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These classes are a fantastic way to keep the fires burning for any and all employees, for any company. From entry level employees to CEO’s, yoga has been proven to reduce stress, and increase productivity in any work environment.



Retreats give us the opportunity to step out of our day to day routine, explore beautiful destinations, connect with likeminded people in an intimate setting, and really dive deeper into our yoga practices. And afterwards, when we return home, we bring a little piece back with us, subtly shifting our lives for the better.



Whether you’re having some friends or colleagues in town, and want to introduce them to yoga, would like to have a yoga class at the beginning or end of an event you’re holding, or have a group of friends that all want to have a special class designed just for you, we can make it happen. Don’t have a space? No worries, I do.



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If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, and would like to have me lead a workshop at your studio, take a look at the workshops I offer, and let’s make it happen. If you’re a studio owner, contact for direct booking.



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This is a short tutorial on the peak pose for one of my full length online classes. Enjoy, and sign up to get this complete practice and many more!



No matter where you are, as long as you can get online, we can practice together! Now offering LA style Vinyasa Flow classes for you to take anytime, anywhere.

They’re being hosted on Facebook for now, so hit the button and join the group!