Retreats give us the opportunity to step out of our day to day routine, explore beautiful destinations, connect with likeminded people in an intimate setting, and really dive deeper into our yoga practices. And afterwards, when we return home, we bring a little piece back with us, subtly shifting our lives for the better.



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OCTOBER 6 - 19 2019




W/ Sean Gray

October 6 - October 19

Get ready to check off a bucket list item, because we're going to Nepal! Spend two weeks in the Himalayas visiting several sacred Buddhists sites including monasteries and nunneries, daily meditation and Buddhists lessons, connecting with the locals and culture, hike in the highest mountain range on the planet, and practice yoga where the OG's did.

This is a true spiritual inner journey for the explorer daring enough to take themselves to new heights of the body and mind, and to new depths of the heart and soul.


The first week we settle in beautiful locations surrounding the Kathmandu Valley and visit some of the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world. The second week we hike in the foothills of the Himalayas, walking in the footsteps of fully-realized yogis, as we visit monasteries and nunneries that are nestled inside a 'pure-land'.

The yoga and meditation theme will be woven into our days, both in the Kathmandu Valley and in the Himalayan foothills, as we embark on an inner and outer journey through Nepal.

This isn't the typical 4/5 star retreat with daily massages and frozen cocktails with little umbrellas. This trip is for those willing to let go of all their "things" and completely disconnect from all that we know, so we may open up our eyes, and our hearts, in ways we never previously knew was possible. Nepal is a life changer. You will come back a different person. Join me, and see for yourself!

Bring your most comfortable hiking/walking shoes, because we are going on some hikes! Even a few big hikes to get to the next location we'll be visiting and staying at for a day or two before moving up the hill to the next sacred site.


Are you ready to be shocked? The weather is AMAZING in Nepal during October! The highs are 80-ish degrees, and the lows are in the upper 50's. So the hiking and yoga practices will be in perfect weather, and we won't have to pack heavy clothing. 


• All rooms, meals, and transports in Nepal
• Daily yoga with Sean
• Daily meditation with Buddhist teachers


• $2900 ($3160*) double room

• $3250 ($3510*) single room

*Price increase after April 6, 2019
Does NOT Include: Flight, Visa, Insurance, Drinks, Gratuities