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Turning our world upside down with inversions

Whether you’re new at these types of poses, a seasoned veteran, or a yoga teacher, this workshop will take your practice to the next level. We’ll look at the fundamentals of these often avoided poses and find where we can build more awareness to cultivate the strength and flexibility needed in order to access these elusive asana. Let’s get upside down, and tap into the true power that inversions have to offer!


Finding your strength and courage

Arm balances are often viewed only for those with superhuman strength, but we’re going to look at how these poses can be practiced by anybody that is interested in taking them. Just like any structure, if you break it down to the pieces you need in order to build the pose and where to put them, we can use the strength we have to find new power within us. In this workshop we’ll cultivate the trust and courage required to build the pose and practice of our aspirations.


Vinyasa flow class for the advanced yogi

This is a fun class designed to allow those that practice more advanced asana- arm balances, inversions, and deep backbends- to incorporate them into a flow, and move in and out of poses that are often only practiced during workshops or for brief moments in a regular class. For the student or teacher that want to learn how to move themselves through their practice in new ways.



The art of changing with awareness

It is a universal truth that everything changes. Just like in our yoga practice, in life, we are creating change by constantly moving from one position to the next. Often times change is accompanied with varying levels of discomfort. Vinyasa - moving from one pose to the next with the breath- moves us through the discomfort with awareness and ensures that we will stay aligned with our goals. In this workshop we will learn how to breathe through the changes in our bodies, practices, and lives. We will pinpoint when and where the breath is challenged which will teach us where our challenges are in our lives and lead us toward overall health, balance and happiness.


Riding your internal rhythm

We all have our own pace that we move through in our life and in our practice. Our own rhythm. Our own flow. Ujjayi - the breath -is the tool which taps us into our rhythm, our flow, and allows us to cultivate fluidity and grace in how we move through this dance of life. The breath has a language, and if we learn to understand the language of the breath, we will discover what the breath is trying to tell us about our practice on and off the mat. The breath, just like any language, expresses emotions, thoughts, pleasure, and discomfort. The breath makes us present, but it also tells when we are absent. The breath is a vehicle of awareness which tells us about our relationship to our poses and with that knowledge we are able to move deeper into each pose. Just like learning any language, the first step is to listen. In this workshop, we will listen to the sound of our internal rhythm- Ujjayi.


Taking your practice to new heights

There’s a well of strength and prana that lies within each of us that if tapped will take our entire practice to a place that we did not even know was possible. The Bandhas, or locks, are a subtle physical and energetic practice that strengthen our connection to our mind, body and breath, elongate and align the spine, build core strength, gets us deeper into poses, reduces the overuse of unnecessary muscle engagement, and provides us the means for moving prana up our shushumna (central energy channel) and through the chakras which builds awareness and cultivates balance. The Bandhas keep us present to what we are doing in the moment. This workshop will teach us how to apply these benefits to our daily practice. Let’s tap into that well, and open the locks which will take us to the next level- Bandhas.



Viewing our inner landscape

Wherever the eyes point, the mind follows. If we turn our gaze inward, we learn about the intricacies of our body, the subconscious mind, and what we need to do in order to cultivate balance in our practice. We can only access the subconscious mind by turning our eyes away from the constant absorption of external information. When we access our subconscious thoughts, our subconscious thoughts become conscious which creates profound changes in our practices and in our lives. In this workshop we will tame the gaze as a tool for transformation- Drishti.


Using asana to move through our obstacles

Kleshas are afflictions and/or obstacles, such as, ignorance, fear, ego, attachment, and clinging to life. When we become aware of our Kleshas, we can use our Kleshas as a road map to navigate and overcome our life’s roadblocks thereby liberating us from life’s heavy burdens and strengthening our growth and movement in our practice - on and off the mat. In this workshop series we’ll look at each of the Kleshas, how our bodies express them, and how we can use our asana practice to move through them.


A modern day yogis celebration of these ancient rituals

Practicing on the solstice/equinox allows the practitioner to check in where he/she is in their practice and in their lives. The new season serves as a reminder of our previously set intentions and how those intentions have/have not manifested, and where we need guidance in the inevitable twist and turns in our journey. In these unique classes we will learn the importance of the Solstice/Equinox, and how these days keep us aligned in our yoga practice and in the direction that we are captaining through these often stormy seas.

The experience- 2 1⁄2 hours

● Opening meditation

● Intention setting

● Asana practice- strong, but available for all levels

● Pranayama practice

● Closing meditation

● Long savasana

● Closing ceremony